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With over 30 years experience selling to various industries and markets, our Mosenta resources, services and coaching can help you plan your best sales growth strategy.

“We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

-Farmers Insurance Tag Line

Like Farmers Insurance, we’ve seen a thing or two as well! No matter what industry you represent, Mosenta can help you find new principles and customers. That’s because we’ve “been there, done that.” Use the button below to learn more about a Mosenta membership or explore Independent Sales Rep opportunities in a variety of industries by clicking on the search for opportunities button below.

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Build and manage your ultimate independent sales portfolio that leverages your existing network using advanced resources and account management tools from CommissionCrowd. CommissionCrowd is the easiest way for companies and Independent Sales Reps to connect and manage successful working partnerships globally. Learn more about them by searching for opportunities using the button below.


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